Friday, September 16, 2011

Where Have I Been??

Friday, September 16, 2011
Hey followers! Long time no post huh. I know I'm not too great at getting on and doing that but things have been pretty crazy. But that hasn't kept me from reading! OF COURSE NOT. I couldn't be a true book-a-holic and be too busy to read. I've actually gotten more reading done lately then I was able to before, a lot of my time spent on break and lunch at work are used reading haha. But here's some updates with my life and pics from things I've been doing. 

My friends and I went on some planking expeditions and owled up a storm on things over town haha. Yes, I know people think this is lame but it's more about doing it with your friends and making a fun situation out of it rather than if being funny laying on things randomly. 

My Best friend Cassie and I went to a friend's wedding. First one in our group to get married <3 So we made a trip out of it and spent the night and I got to see everyone from school that I was missing because I came back home for school. 

There's currently a window chalking war going on with me and one of my co-worker. Mines on the left and hers is on the right. Granted I started it, but I still haven't been able to get that hot pink window chalk off my car haha.
My Dad, little cousin, and I have gone on a few fishing expeditions. But the weather is starting to get colder out so I don't think we'll be able to make it out too many more times. Also, no worries, they all get thrown back to live out their happy fishy lives.

I worked on making an awesome collage for my room. This is now in a frame hanging next to my bed so I can have all my friends displayed. I honestly love every single person in this picture and they make my life fantastic and I'm blessed to have such wonderful friends. 

I saw Big Time Rush in concert at the Indiana State Fair. It was a pretty fantastic concert and was worth every penny. I was in the first 10 rows of people, this picture has no zoom on it :) Luckily this was just days before the stage collapsed. It was a tragedy that it happened and people were killed, but I feel blessed to have been ok on the day that I was there. 

Our Local Firefighters and Polic Officers played softball against the "Wounded Warriors" a softball team of amputees from all branches of the military, for charity. It was a fun night and everyone enjoyed it and there was such a large turn out in support of all the Wounded Warriors to show our appreciation for what they have done for us. 

I spend Labor Day with my parents and took this lovely picture of me and my mom. I did have to work but I was able to spend all morning with them in our usual spot on the roof of the local hardware store for the labor day parade, getting a birds eye view on the whole things and making lots of little kids try to reach us with their candy that they were throwing. 

Oh and did I mention I got some new books, how silly of me to forget. I'll be posting reviews here shortly and of course and In My Mailbox. Can't wait to be blogging with you all again

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