Sunday, June 4, 2017


Sunday, June 4, 2017
Hello Everyone!! Welcome back to the blog, and welcome to some super big news for A Very Bookish Girl. So I've been on Blogger since 2011 and have accrued quiet a bit of posts. But the thing is, Blogger is broken. I can't see my followers anymore, I can't schedule posts because they never actually post. I feel like I'm not getting the right stats when I go and check them. So I'm making a move. All of my posts including Reviews, Stacking The Shelves, IMM, EVERYTHING, is currently being loaded on to a new website, and comments are crossing over as well. I have enjoyed the past 6 years on this website, I just need something more. So if you'd like to follow me I'll be over at and would love for you to follow me over there. I'll continue to post over there and will continue to give me thoughts on books! Hope to see you there!!

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