Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bookcase Tour

Sunday, April 10, 2011
So this week, I didn't buy one single book, I know, it's depressing. I'm not sure how I let this happen, but unfortunately it has, so I came up with a different idea. I'm going to show you all my bookcase! Don't judge though, because I have a little system with bright orange and zebra duck tape on them. Also when I was younger I would mark books I read with a dot of white out, I'm pretty sure that was some sort of my OCD coming out haha. But I don't do that to my newer books, I couldn't ever mess them up! So here's my bookcase, sorry the pictures are blurry I had to use my phone.

That's technically not even really a shelf. It's the top of my bookcase. I've really run out of room for any book now so I try to put them where they will fit. Now you see why I need a new one! The pile on the right are all borrowed books and the pile on the left are all books you've seen me blog about for IMMs. YES, I have my Twilight Saga next to my Harry Potter series. They are the two big series of books I own, and all of them are in hardcover. Also, yes, that is an Edward Cullen action figure still in the package on the far left. I'm Robsessed what can I say.

Here is the first actual shelf of my bookcase. It's mostly Meg Cabot books, I like to keep each shelf organized by height, which you will see haha. I also have the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, as well as some Lauren Conrad, Snooki, and more Stephanie Meyers on the left side. I also have The Lotus Eaters on this shelf which is the first book I've ever won before!

Here's my second shelf. This one is mostly Vampire books. I have the Vampire Academy series as well as the Vampire Diaries series. The first two books in the Morganville Vampires series as well as the first Night World. This is also my Sarah Dessen shelf. I have all the books I own by her on this shelf. I also have some more random books on this shelf like Lipstick Jungle, My Sister's Keeper, and Midnight Bayou.

So I guess this shelf is Vampire continued haha. I have some of the House of Night series, the other ones I have on my Kindle. I also have the Blue Bloods series on this shelf. There's the Maximum Ride series, Alex Rider series, and Wicked. I also have City of Bones, It's Kind of a Funny Story, The Time Travelers Wife, and some more random books.

This self for the most part is completely random and most of my TBR books. Hence the orange duck tape. Also all of my Ellen Hopkins books are on this shelf. I'm missing my Wicked Lovely so I only have Ink Exchange so it's sad. Most of these books I really need to get around to reading.

So this is probably the worst picture and worst shelf. It is so crammed because I really have nowhere else to put my books. Most of these ones though I have read. I have the Sookie Stackhouse series, Gossip Girl series, It Girl series, Georgia Nicolson series, Narnia series, Charmed series, and so many more. But that's what is mostly on this shelf. 

I hope you all enjoyed this slight tour of my bookcase. I plan on editing the post a little later with a total of all books that I have read and all the books that I have to read. Or I might do it in a seperate post. If there's anything that you would like to see on my book blog then feel free to comment this. I'd love to hear what you would like to see. 


  1. I feel like a stalker - I LOVE looking at other people's bookshelves. You have a ton of books - good books at that. Thanks for sharing this with us, I for one, love it!

    You can sheck out my IMM if you want, here.


  2. I was stalking google for pictures of bookshelves and stumbled across yours! I LOVE your pictures, and your blog. I have the same problem as you do: I have possibly too many books. I'm a HUGE fan of Harry Potter, and Meg Cabot's #1 fan. I LOVE HER. I should take pictures of my bookshelves, and post them on my blog!

    Just wanted to let you know. :)


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